Bill Morrow
Executive Vice President, Business SolutionsSeasoned renewable energy executive with a 360-degree understanding of project lifecycles after two-decades of success across multiple disciplines—including construction management, operations, sustainability and development.

    • A decade delivering.

Bill has been in the clean energy space for over ten years. But its what he’s done during that decade that makes all the difference, delivering effective renewable solutions for customers across the spectrum. He’s seen it all and applies this wisdom to lay the groundwork for successful projects and long-term partnerships.

    • Speaks your language.

Because he’s been in many of these roles himself, Bill speaks the language. So he quickly comes to understand the needs and pain points of each project stakeholder. His ability to make quick connections, and build consensus, moves projects forward efficiently and with optimal returns.

    • Partnership is self-fulfilling.

As an integral part of Empower’s business solutions leadership team, Bill’s breadth of experience helps build partnerships based on project success and bonded by cost control and predictable, repeatable savings.

I did my best to get full value out of my short decade in this business….and to deliver that value back to the customers I continue to serve. I’ve been both the guy in the construction trenches and the exec at the boardroom table, so I can relate. I’ve ridden the ups and downs, and experienced the fits and starts of the renewables industry. I know from experience what sets a project up for success, and what doesn’t. So, like many of my colleagues at Empower, I’m well-suited to help arm our partners and our customers with the foresight to forge ahead and agility to succeed.”

Bill Morrow

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