Howard Brodie
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer
Trusted senior advisor and seasoned legal professional with a 21-year track record of facilitating profitable and successful renewable energy transactions.

    • The diligence to deliver.

Howard brings impressive legal expertise and profound clean-energy market fluency to structure projects and craft sound transactions that exceed the needs of customers and investors.

    • Analytical rigor yields creative solutions.

Applying an accomplished level of analytical rigor and deal-structure expertise to every project, Howard often uncovers and solves complex issues with innovative approaches that benefit all parties.

    • An attorney. And then some.

Howard’s hands-on understanding of operations has helped numerous boards and senior leadership teams navigate highly-complex processes, fortifying long-term project success and fostering lasting relationships.

I’ve been working with what is now the Empower core team since 2007. We’ve grown from a single-solution provider to what we are today, a dynamic integrated clean-energy partner, because of a strong, experienced team with an uncanny ability to innovate in a rapidly-changing market. I love to come to work every day knowing that my ability to combine legal rigor with a strong business sense helps structure, negotiate and close transactions that work for our partners and our business.”

Howard Brodie

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