John Clapp
President & Chief Financial Officer
A clean energy finance leader who builds strategies that fortify renewable energy projects through sound financial modeling, John creates the opportunity for immediate savings, solid long-term returns and sustainable organizational resiliency.

    • Making sophisticated financial strategies simple to apply.

John and his hand-picked finance team provide sophisticated financial models that make the process simple for customers, partners and investors alike, resulting in accurate savings projections, reduced risk and successful projects.

    • Bringing both worlds together.

With one foot on Wall Street and the other firmly planted in the field of renewables, John has the tools and experience to quickly identify the distributed generation opportunities that will work for both. Bulletproof financial data, fortified by steel on-site, gives “green” a whole new meaning.

    • Mitigating risk.

As a managing director at Citigroup, John successfully risk-assessed hundreds of power projects and asset portfolios. This experience informed his pragmatic approach, driven by the need to mitigate risk for all parties, leading to integrated solutions that deliver for customers, partners and investors alike.

This is more than just a job for me and the Empower team. I’m here because of deep friendships and the entire team’s passion for solving complex problems through innovative solutions. A big part of what I do as CFO is to build financial strategies and systems that enable us—Empower, our partners, and investors—to say ‘yes’ better by mitigating risk. That means applying rigorous financial modeling, leveraging vast industry connections, and cutting out the B.S. so that project partnerships produce. We need to say ‘yes’ with supporting evidence and confidence, and so do our customers, partners and investors, because we’re in it together.”John Clapp

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John Clapp

President &
Chief Financial

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