Khalil Qasimi
Vice President, Structured Finance
Energy industry M&A and financial modeling veteran whose deep experience across the renewables spectrum, and relentless approach to building structured financial solutions, positions clean energy projects for success.

    • Data-driven solutions.

As a leader on the Empower finance team, Khalil’s valuation and financial modeling skills mitigate risk and provide data-driven rationale for The Right Mix™ of clean energy solutions on each unique project.

    • Predictable, repeatable savings.

Khalil has helped vet and structure a broad array of CHP, solar, wind and hydro projects, giving him a unique perspective that helps translate complex financial models into tangible, predictable end-user savings.

    • Eliminating unknowns.

Khalil is an expert at uncovering and remedying financial “blind spots” before they disrupt day-to-day operations.

I believe it’s my duty, and our responsibility as a company, to be relentless when it comes to honestly assessing the financial realities of a project, partnership or investment. I am passionate about helping our partners’ projects work—so much effort, time and sweat goes into every enterprise we encounter. But it’s also my job to provide perspective and financial objectivity—whether our partner or internal team wants to hear it or not—that will ultimately build a mutually-beneficial partnership. There’s too much at stake for Empower, our customers, our partners and our investors, to be a ‘yes man’.”

Khalil Qasimi

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