Michael Belko
Executive Vice President, OperationsA renewable energy business builder with operations and management experience spanning over three decades, Michael is known for rapidly scaling organizations while delivering superior client satisfaction and optimal performance.

    • One size does not fit all.

A renewable energy project has to deliver value. It also has to work seamlessly within each customer’s unique environment. Michael and his team work hands-on with customers every step of the way to deliver the right mix™ of integrated renewable solutions to drive efficiency and increase profitability.

    • Engineering excellence.

Our customers cannot afford disruptions; business continuity is essential. Michael and the engineering team work in concert with facility operations to seamlessly integrate energy saving solutions while also ensuring operational integrity and top performance.

    • The best made even better.

In addition to his role with customers, Michael champions Continuous Improvement (CI) initiatives within the Empower organization to improve productivity and deliver elite performance.

I have always enjoyed the satisfaction of building something. Teamwork is a key element of that. Everyone’s contributions matter; nothing goes right if any of us miss our marks. When people and projects come together to create tangible results… now that’s an exciting moment.”

Michael Belko

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