We're Seeking Partners with Projects

On November 23, 2016, Empower Energies launched a significant new dedicated Distributed Generation Fund with Washington Gas Energy Systems providing sponsor equity and a leading global manufacturer providing tax equity. Both partners have extensive experience in the solar power industry. WGL has been investing in solar assets for seven years, with a track record of over half a billion dollars deployed, and our global manufacturing partner providing truly strategic tax equity.

About the Fund

  • The DG Fund represents a two-year funding commitment and specifically targets Distributed Generation PV Solar Projects.
  • Empower Energies can provide you with the complete “capital stack.”
  • The Fund provides access to Tax Equity even when such resources are otherwise unavailable in the market.
  • We can finance projects across the off-taker credit spectrum

Market Considerations

  • The DG Fund is available for projects with Commercial and Industrial Customers, Municipalities, Universities, Schools, Hospitals and similar off-takers.
  • The DG Fund operates in most major US Solar markets.
  • The DG Fund can invest in SREC and non-SREC markets.

Project Specifications

  • Size: 500kW-20MW.
  • Configuration: Rooftop, Ground Mount, Canopy.
  • Term: at least 20 years.
  • The DG Fund is OEM and EPC ‘agnostic’ (within our approved list).
  • Empower also offers a unique Solar+Roof program that enables you to reevaluate problem rooftop projects you may have rejected previously.
Empower Energies DG Fund Parameters

Added Value for Developers

  • Empower is ready to support you at any stage of project development, from initial proposal through site mobilization.
  • Empower is NOT a broker. The DG Fund provides Empower with committed capital for your projects – reducing your execution risk.
  • Single point decision-making simplifies project funding approval and fast-tracks your first project payment.
  • Empower does not warehouse projects. When your project is approved by the DG Fund, you are done…capital deployment begins.
  • Empower can structure milestone payments to ensure that you are cash flow positive for a project during construction.
  • The Fund provides you with a consistent, repeatable finance process.