How to Get Started with Empower

Empower Energies can help you navigate the process to determine whether solar power is right you. Take the next step and contact us to discuss your needs or request a site walk with our professionals.

The Empower Energies team will walk you through an initial evaluation of your energy consumption and utility costs to determine your expected savings and discuss various project options. We will develop a custom proposal that targets your specific business needs and provides the best solar solution for your location.

Your relationship with Empower Energies is supported by our committed capital through our proprietary DG Fund. We can move at your speed because, unlike many other developers, we do not need to raise capital for your project. Our capital is pre-committed and our closing schedule is transparent. Under Empower Energies’ power purchase agreements, Empower handles the up-front cost and risk involved with the engineering, development, and construction of the solar energy system. There are no upfront costs for you and the payments under the DG Fund PPA only start once the project begins delivering energy to your facility.

Private businesses, municipalities, schools, and other energy consumers have the opportunity to save annually with a solar power facility from Empower Energies.

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