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Benefits of Clean Energy

Meet Sustainability Goals While Saving Money

Clean Energy Advantages

  1. Reduce energy costs
    Switching to energy generated from clean, renewable technologies can reduce a company’s utility bill. In the majority of cases, it is more cost effective to build, finance and operate renewable energy systems than to purchase power from carbon-based sources.
  2. Stabilize fluctuating energy costs
    Mitigate energy rate increases by locking in low electricity costs for up to 25 years. Installing renewable energy is a long-term hedge against rising electric costs, price uncertainty and fuel volatility.
  3. Align brand with values
    Increase market opportunities and potential for new revenue by improving your brand image. A positive reputation can only improve your organization’s ability to attract new interest from customers, partners and future employees.
  4. Source local energy
    With traditional grid based energy, the source of the power is unknown. With an onsite or offsite renewable offtake arrangement, you know exactly where your electricity is generated and how much it produces every day.
  5. Stay ahead of compliance trends
    A growing number of states have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through renewable energy incentives and regulations on fossil-fuels. By adopting sustainability practices, companies can optimize cost efficiencies while planning for these changes.

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