Since 2010, Empower Energies has completed 44 solar power projects with a generating capacity of more than 51 MWs. These projects were developed across the United States and employed a range of different technologies, rooftop, parking canopy and ground mount. The projects also employed a full range of financing structures. We have sold and leased projects to customers, and we have retained equity ownership of projects that sell power to customers through power purchase agreements (“PPAs”). We now are pioneering virtual PPA arrangements using our Virtual PPA Plus products. These offerings allow projects that are developed on one site to serve customers located on distant sites by transmitting the solar power to the customers via independent system operators or regional transmission organizations.

Empower Energies can play different roles (developer, contractor or financier) depending on the needs of the project and the customer. We work with project developers, investors and commercial and industrial power consumers to deliver projects that meet the needs of all parties. Our funding platform allows us to acquire projects at various stages of development, from early stage to in-service.

Empower Energies’ highly skilled in-house staff can assist business, municipal, institutional and other clean energy consumers in evaluating solar power options to deliver energy savings and meet sustainability goals. These seasoned professionals can assist co-developers and investors at early stages in project development by providing preliminary engineering, document drafting, and review as well as project diligence.


  • Solar energy production to meet a significant part of a customer’s power needs for 25 years or more
  • Innovative product options to address each customer’s unique needs
  • Cost savings and providing a significant hedge against rising utility rates
  • Energy independence
  • CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions reductions
  • Social responsibility through tangible environmental action
About Empower Energies
Empower Energies applies the right mix of solar solutions to meet the business and sustainability objectives of multi-facility industrial and commercial organizations, while keeping their financing needs top of mind.