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Corporate Solar Strategy: 8 Benefits of Building a Portfolio Approach to Renewable Procurement

Knowing where to start renewable energy projects can be a challenge for companies with a large national footprint.

Without expert guidance, companies overlook a crucial incentive, misinterpret a dense regulatory text, or fail to accurately assess a technology’s impact, and misinterpret their optimal renewable energy strategy. As a result, pilot projects resulting solely from companies’ internal diligence often underperform, stagnating renewable energy goals and leaving significant financial savings and environmental impact unrealized.

Companies interested in exploring renewable energy––particularly those with a multi-state footprint of properties––are best-served by working with an expert that can provide a comprehensive view of opportunities across their entire portfolio of locations. This holistic approach is crucial for companies adopting an integrated energy strategy that evaluates all energy uses, both operational and across the value chain.

Download our ebook to learn how companies can benefit from a comprehensive approach to corporate renewable energy. Advantages include:

  • A clear understanding of markets, technologies. and transactions.
  • Stronger project economics and ROI
  • Support at every step of the project from planning to ongoing operations
  • Streamlined implementation of the renewables program
  • Improved financing options and terms
  • Lower equipment and supply costs
  • Simpler long-term operations
  • Demonstrated leadership at scale

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