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Empower’s Statement on Anti-Racism


The team at Empower Energies is grieving in the aftermath of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Freddie Gray, and so many other Black lives before them.  As a diverse Company and community of professionals, we are compelled to take sustained action against the structural and institutional racism that lies at the root of continuing injustice and bias in America. 

We believe the work to dismantle the foundations of racial injustice starts right where we are, by taking responsibility in our direct spheres of influence.

We exist in a renewable energy industry that has historically lacked diverse leadership.  We are working to change this.

We exist in a broader corporate culture that has historically avoided open and inclusive conversation about difficult issues.  We are working to change this.

We exist in a social culture that defines the best way forward through the lens of a narrow and non-inclusive standard.  We are working to change this.

We will listen, learn, and continue the work required to make real change.

At Empower Energies, we started the hard work to create truly inclusive community before this current season of grief and will continue long after.  Our commitment to the CEO Diversity & Inclusion pledge, our on-going series on recognizing and mitigating unconscious bias, and our creation of a corporate environment where we can openly discuss larger social issues facing our diverse workforce – these are all part of steps we continue taking towards building a Company environment that mirrors the communities we want to live in.

We publicly express our deepest solidarity and resolve to make real change.

We welcome a dialog with other companies and organizations to share experiences, approaches and strategies to combat racism.   You can reach out through our Senior Director of Human Resources, Vanessa Deutschmann,, 240.490.4200 x 2115.

John Clapp, CEO           Mike Belko, COO   

Robert Edwards, Jr., SVP and Chief Legal Officer   

Khalil Qasimi, SVP and Head of Finance   

Pam Maines, SVP Business Development