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Community Solar

Simplify Community Solar

Generate Revenue and Achieve Your Clean-Energy Vision with a Community Shared Solar System

Community shared solar systems can provide the benefits of solar power to multiple members of a community. These systems also benefit those in high-density areas, where people might lack the space or the right rooftop for their own solar build. Individuals or businesses can also pay less for electricity when they purchase a share of the solar farm or project. Are you interested in hearing about the benefits of community solar? Contact an energy professional today to learn more.

However, creating a commercial or industrial solar project can be complex. It can be challenging to navigate the planning, permits, and installation involved with setting up.

We manage every facet of your project for you, from start to finish, so you only need to concentrate on generating revenue and meeting your environmental goals. Working with Empower, you can rapidly and reliably build and manage projects that accelerate results and deliver all the benefits of a solar system. We have the flexibility to work with community groups or utilities to build roof or parking lot solar power solutions, and our deep expertise in engineering, finance, construction, and portfolio management helps you maximize efficiency by reducing the cost and complexity of achieving your clean-energy vision.

Move Faster

You can generate energy savings and meet ESG goals faster by implementing solar solutions tailored to your business performance goals.

  • Speed access to federal, state, and local incentives and grants, as well as flexible financing to get your project off the ground.
  • Reduce the burden on your team with one proven partner for end-to-end clean-energy services.


Reduce Costs

By using our industry knowledge and experience and deploying the community solar project that best fits your business, we can make your investment in sustainability go further.

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of achieving your clean-energy vision.
  • Gain access to smart design, economies of scale, and flexible financing.

Deploy on Time and On Budget

We leverage our experience to simplify compliance, construction, and operations to help you implement enterprise-scale community solar projects quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Avoid upfront design and installation costs and benefit from clean, dependable power.
  • Be part of the climate change solution, minimizing financial risk and demonstrating industry leadership.