Energy Storage Systems

Want to maximize the economic benefits of solar and meet your sustainability goals faster? Consider a solar system with energy storage!

Enhanced Solar Benefits

An energy storage system (ESS) will allow Empower to increase the size of your solar system by storing excess electricity production (e.g., during midday or on weekends) for use when you need it overnight, early in the morning, later in the day, or when electricity prices spike.

Economic Advantages

  • Greater reduction in peak power costs – produce more of your power from solar during on-peak periods to further enhance your electric power savings, especially if you are subject to Time of Use (TOU) energy pricing
  • Demand charge reduction – by further reducing peak energy consumption, you can potentially lower your utility demand charges as well as electric power costs.
  • Combine storage with a solar system to take advantage of the 30% ITC tax credit (this can be a new solar system or a retrofit to an existing solar facility).

Flexibility with Greater Control

Smart control software allows the operating parameters of ESS installations to be optimized automatically, taking advantage of changing energy consumption profiles as well as changing market conditions. In addition, the control software can mitigate back-feed from the solar system to the grid in utility service territories where this is an issue.

Short-term Resiliency

Storage can provide several hours or more of backup power during outages – just enough to keep your lights on and systems running while you determine next steps.

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