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Empower Energies Completes a 3.2 MW Solar Project for a Fortune 500 Client in Florida

Bethesda, MD January 6, 2021

Empower Energies completed construction of a 3,162 kW-DC solar installation for a Fortune 500 commercial client in Highland Manor, Florida near Tampa.

The project, consisting of three phases at the same site, all designed and constructed by Empower, was completed today. Solar canopies now shade ground-level and garage-top parking and are converting Florida sunshine to clean electric generation replacing the customer’s grid power consumption. The canopies are also equipped with LED lighting for enhanced parking lot security and are integrated into a cutting-edge blockchain management system for the client. Blockchain technology provides immutable recording and reporting of solar generation attributes that contribute to emission and carbon offsets for the company.

The Highland Manor project is just one of more than two dozen solar installations Empower is currently developing and constructing under an exclusive multi-year contract for this Fortune 500 client. At the completion of Empower’s work, the client will be one of the largest on-site corporate renewable power generators in the U.S. Under this innovative contracting structure, Empower is responsible for the end-to-end deployment of solar systems across the customer’s national footprint of commercial offices. Empower conducts site analysis and feasibility studies based on the client’s parameters, designs the systems, and manages the construction and long-term O&M – providing the client with turnkey service and a single point of accountability, while reducing deployment costs and ensuring consistency and coordination across the entire Program.

“Empower Energies is pleased to complete another important solar project to meet our client’s ambitious renewable targets and support their overall ESG initiatives,” said Empower’s CEO John Clapp. “More Fortune 500 companies are approaching Empower each month to replicate this same level of service and partnership to achieve their own sustainability targets.”

About Empower Energies

At Empower Energies we utilize a flexible approach to expanding the renewable energy market. We design and develop projects from start to finish and we also work with other developers to add value at any stage of their project development cycle – from co-development to acquisition. We work with many of the leading Fortune 500s to build out their on-site generation fleets and manage their renewable Programs and we also serve businesses and communities with off-site clean energy from our growing portfolio of community solar projects. In the past 12 months Empower has acquired over 200 MWs of community solar projects from our channel partners. Today, there are nearly 100 MWs of Empower Energies C&I renewable projects under construction at dozens of projects across the United States with more starting construction soon. Visit Empower Energies at or follow Empower on LinkedIn.