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Empower Energies Joins Schneider Electric Zeigo Network to Expand Renewable Energy Opportunities

April 25, 2023

Empower Energies Joins Schneider Electric Zeigo Network to Expand Renewable Energy Opportunities

Empower Energies is proud to announce that it has been accepted as part of Schneider Electric’s Zeigo Network (formerly known as the NEO or New Energy Opportunities Network), their community which connects vetted renewable energy organizations with corporate renewable energy buyers.

Zeigo Network community connects corporations seeking renewable energy solutions to trusted experts, projects, technologies, and consulting opportunities to facilitate a smoother transaction process for key company stakeholders. Renewable energy providers seeking to enter the network must undergo a stringent vetting process to ensure quality control for its members.

As a member of the Zeigo Network, Empower Energies stands out for its expertise in helping Fortune 500 companies execute projects across a portfolio of sites nationwide, allowing companies to drastically scale their net-zero and energy savings targets while maximizing their ROI.

Patrick Corr, Chief Strategy Officer at Empower Energies, remarked, “Our acceptance into the Zeigo Network is emblematic of the quality of service and execution Empower Energies provides its clients. The Network is an exciting opportunity for us to connect with a new segment of C&I buyers actively seeking onsite solar and storage solutions.”

Mike Williams, VP of Sales at Empower Energies, added, “As a renewable energy provider with over 200 MWs of clean energy project experience for Fortune 500 clients, we look forward to discussions with buyers in the Zeigo Network about the challenges they’re facing and designing solutions to address them.”

About Empower Energies: Empower Energies strives to be the leading nationwide provider of turnkey clean energy solutions for the Fortune 500, regional corporations, and public organizations. Our clients trust us to assess, design, finance, and construct their critical projects on time and on budget to meet their ESG goals, reduce their energy costs, and ensure a healthier Earth for future generations.

Empower Energies has completed over 200 MW of clean energy projects nationwide, with over 1 GW of solar and storage projects currently in development. These include some of the largest commercial solar canopies on the planet for its Fortune 100 clients. Their leadership team, which include alumni of SunEdison, SolarCity, AMERESCO, NRG and Tesla, represent a combined 2.0 GW in clean energy project experience.

About Schneider Electric’s Zeigo Network: As part of Schneider Electric’s commitment to empowering the clean energy transition, the Zeigo Network is a place where commercial and industrial corporate off-takers with goals to embrace renewable energy and clean technology can connect with clean energy solutions providers, making it easier to exchange information, ideas, and take action.