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Program Management

End to End Support for Fortune 1000 Clients

Optimal Solutions

Customers with multiple or nationwide locations are faced with a range of regional market regulations and vast design possibilities––including onsite or offsite solar, community solar options, roof-mount, ground-mount or canopy and storage options. It may feel overwhelming to determine how to arrive at the optimal solution for your enterprise and contract for these services.

No-Cost Renewable Assessment

Our Approach

Empower’s experience with nationwide installations for Fortune 1000 companies by our in-house team of program managers, engineers, finance experts, operations and asset managers will enable us to develop the best strategy to ensure to meet your program goals and long-term operational success. We take a portfolio approach by looking at all available contractual and technology solutions.  


Proven Strategy Backed by Deep Domain Expertise

We perform rigorous diligence to ensure optimal technologies, designs, and client value. Our proven process optimizes value, while also providing full transparency and surety of execution. All early diligence activities, prior to commitment to a project, are performed at no cost to our clients. Our proven approach optimizes solar value at scale and provides full transparency along the way.

Contact us to discuss your clean energy goals.

Getting Started

  1. Understand company goals
    We start with understanding your sustainability and financial goals.
  2. No cost site assessment
    With only the potential site address and utility bill data, Empower conducts an initial site evaluation to determine feasibility.
    Learn more about what to expect with our no cost project assessment.
  3. Determine scope of engagement
    Depending on company capacity Empower will supplement an existing team or serve as an extension of your company to get the project across the finish line.
  4. Present proposal and indicative costs
    With the site evaluation in hand and staffing needs determined, Empower hosts a transparent RFP process to determine labor and equipment costs and finalize project budget and scope.
  5. Ready, set, go!
    Once all parties have agreed to the proposed activities, it’s time to get started!