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Empower’s Power Purchase Agreement

Clean Energy Made Simple

Business and community leaders are adopting clean energy through solar Power Purchase Agreements
(PPAs) to meet renewable energy and sustainability targets, save money, and demonstrate leadership in their communities. By simply purchasing clean electricity produced by a solar project, businesses and governments can avoid all upfront design and installation costs as well as ongoing maintenance expenses. Let a team of experts build, own, and manage the solar project, while your organization benefits from clean, dependable power.

Experts predict that by 2021, 78% of commercial renewable energy projects will be third-party-owned under agreements like PPAs. Here’s why:

$0 Capital Investment

The project owner handles all upfront costs of sizing, procuring, and installing the system.

Immediate Savings

Organizations typically see energy cost savings of 10 to 20% in the first year.

Predictable Energy Costs

The PPA locks in fixed rates that are lower than ever-increasing utility rates for a term of 15 to 25 years.

Hassle-Free Operations

The project owner manages system performance for maximum energy production over the life of the PPA.

Simplified Solar Incentives

The project owner navigates complex incentive programs and secures tax credits, lowering the price of solar electricity from the PPA.

Launching your renewable energy program with Empower is simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Commit to Cutting Carbon
    and Costs with Clean Energy
  2. Evaluate System Options and Savings
  3. Execute PPA
  4. Coordinate System Installation
  5. Start Saving!


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The Empower Difference

Empower’s depth of experience ensures that all aspects of your project will be built according to best practices. We leverage strong financial backing from our partners and the deep domain expertise of our seasoned team to deliver reliable clean power to commercial, industrial, and government customers nationwide.

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